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Who Are We

Concentric (Hong Kong) Company Limited ("Concentric") has been a leading independent suppliers of label materials and professional provider of packaging services both in Hong Kong and People Republic of China since 1983 and 1994 respectively. Having diversified from a local based company engaged primarily in label stock printing to a HK-China based enterprise currently with portfolios of over 100 standard product offerings, specializing particularly in catalogues, pamphlets, self-adhesive labels, and ribbons, CONCENTRIC has over the years kept the fundamental belief in One-on-One Customer Service through providing superior professional advice to the customers we serve. This timeless value is backed by the team commitment, resources allocated to technical improvement in work practices, capital investments in plants and machineries and most of all, enhancing customers' values without increasing the prices.

As a customer of Concentric, you are assured of the following:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
    CONCENTRIC customer service team has been built up over many years giving professional advices to clients on the choices of packaging materials and problem-solving solution to label printing. Having established the specification, our customer service is committed to seeing the orders right through the design and proofing stage to the completion of production and delivery.

  • Innovative Product Development
    CONCENTRIC is fully equipped with the advanced label-printing machinery. Our manufacturing plants, located in Hong Kong and China, have printing machines such as COMCO flexographic label printing machine with UV drying unit, Onda stamping machines and KDOs. CONCENTRIC invest time and materials in finding solutions to new challenges to help our customers. Our technical specialists are continually developing new products to expand our markets and our training policy encourages productivity, flexibility and commitment.

  • Superior Quality & Reliability
    Quality is fitness for purpose. CONCENTRIC operate to the ISO9000:2000 - Quality Management System, ISO14000 - Environmental Management System and are accredited with the RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) standard UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standard and the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standard. Using the latest equipment, Concentric¡¦s production is continually measured against our customers' standards to enable us to establish eminent products for a variety of sector, such as electronic devices, cosmetics, chemicals, toys, arts, and jewelry etc.

  • Outstanding Reputation
    CONCENTRIC pride ourselves in the strong and diversified clientele base established over the years, which includes Wal Mart, Checkpoint, IBM, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, 3M, Tianjin Shitian Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. and Hospital Authority etc. Concentric¡¦s outstanding reputation in the industry is a direct result of our commitment to excellence and has enabled us to further develop and strengthen our strategic ties with clients and business partners. CONCENTRIC are also recognized for our social responsibilities in respecting environmental policies on waste, conservation, safety and pollution.


合力達(香港)有限公司(以下簡稱合力達)是一間提供標貼和產品包裝服務的企業。 自建立於1983年﹐合力達已成功從一間小型專注標貼印刷的公司發展至今日有規模的多元化企業﹐1994年公司在天津成立獨資企業天津合力實業有限公司﹐並在香港以及中國內地等地區樹立了一定的知明度。




由於我們不斷地將大部份的盈餘再度投入至技術和產品研究當中﹐我們能保證所使用的生產機器及技術都是業界中先進的。例如:我們在香港及中國內地的生產廠房就採用了康可COMCO﹑麥安Mark Andy及KDO柔性版印刷機﹐恩田 Onda印標機等先進機器。

我們全部的生產線均一律符合世界電器標準ISO9000:2000﹐ISO14000,美國電器標準認証(UL)﹐RoHS標準認証 以及加拿大標準認証(CSA)。 再加上嚴謹的產品測試過程﹐以及定期的水準評檢﹐使我們能生產出高品質的產品以滿足電子商﹑美容商﹑化學品商﹑以及手飾工藝品商等等不同客戶的要求。

多年來與我們合作過並一直保持著密切伙伴關係的企業包括有著名國際品牌沃爾瑪,著名國際電腦品牌IBM,著名國際電器品牌樂聲, LG﹑三星﹑著名國際電子品牌保點,著名國際物料品牌3M﹐亞洲著名天津市石天藥業有限公司;以及香港醫管局等等。不斷努力改進的專業精神使我們在業界中贏得口諀﹐亦為我們帶來了更多的商機。 我們更是業界中少數標榜並尊守環境保護條例的企業。